The process in portrait

In a world where everything has to happen instantly and seemingly immediate results are expected, we consciously decided to focus on the process. Because it is the process that shapes us, that shows us who we really are and gives us the chance to improve.

Experience the stories of eight fascinating personalities who found their personal path to their personal success. – Learn how they overcame obstacles and continued to evolve. Be inspired by their determination.

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Eine Frau steht stolz vor einem selbst gemalten Gemälde. Sie trägt ein lässiges T-Shirt von WE•TRST, das ihren Engagement für Zusammenarbeit und Vertrauen symbolisiert.


Julia Bürgi

Julia Bürgi, a passionate artist and social work student, brings together her love of art and empathy for people in her work. She sees each of her artworks as an emotional journey, not just an end product.

Her works go beyond aesthetics; they tell stories, provoke thoughts and inspire dialogue. Every brush stroke and every color nuance in Julia's creative process is a step of self-reflection.

Julia is 175 cm and wears size S

Ein Mann skatet gekonnt über eine Halfpipe. Er trägt ein stylisches T-Shirt von WE•TRST, das seinen individuellen Stil und seine Haltung repräsentiert.


Dario Zimmerman

Dario Zimmermann is more than just a skateboarder - he is a passionate artist on four wheels. Every jump and trick is a manifestation of his style and passion for skating. For Dario, skating is more than sport – it is a continuous learning process and personal growth.

He falls, gets up, analyzes and improves until the trick works. Immerse yourself in Dario's skate world and experience how skating can be more than just a sport - a path to self-realization.

Dario is 182 cm and wears size M

Ein Mann trainiert intensiv im Fitnessstudio und stellt seine Stärke und Entschlossenheit zur Schau. Gekleidet in ein sportliches T-Shirt von WE•TRST, zeigt er seine Unterstützung für Zusammenarbeit und Vertrauen.


Chris Kothoff

Chris Kotthoff, fitness junkie and master of self-optimization, constantly strives for physical perfection and pushing boundaries. For him, the gym is more than just a training place - it is his arena for personal growth. Every repetition and training session is a step on his path to physical excellence.

His transformation shows that self-optimization promotes both physical and mental strength. Chris is a role model for anyone who wants to improve themselves and achieve their fitness goals.

Chris is 190 cm and wears size L

Eine Make-up-Artistin, ist in ihrem Element, während sie ihre Kreativität entfaltet. Sie trägt ein stilvolles T-Shirt von WE•TRST, das ihre Unterstützung für Zusammenarbeit und Vertrauen ausdrückt.

Make up

Alessia Postai

Alessia Postai, make-up artist, expresses a story of creativity and self-development with every brush stroke and every shade of color. When she opens her makeup palette, she enters a world of possibilities, creating unique looks that highlight personality and beauty. Her process is characterized by precision, passion and her unique style.

For her, make-up is more than just beautification - it is an art form to emphasize individuality and convey moods. From natural to glamorous styles, Alessia rocks the makeup game.

Alessia is 168 cm and wears size S

in Mann spielt mit Leidenschaft Fußball auf dem grünen Rasen. Er trägt ein dynamisches T-Shirt von WE•TRST, das seinen Einsatz für Zusammenarbeit und Vertrauen verdeutlicht.


Rangin Rigal

Rangin "Rango" Rigal, U21 player at FC St. Gallen, is more than just a footballer - he is a dreaming personality who sees himself on the biggest sports stages. Every training session and game is another step on his way to becoming a professional. He tirelessly improves his skills, technique and understanding of the game. “Rango” sees the professional path as a challenge that requires discipline and endurance.

He trains daily to increase his fitness, promote strengths and combat weaknesses. Setbacks? For him, lessons to learn and grow. He pursues his dream with self-confidence, determination and commitment.

Rangin is 180 cm and wears size M

Eine engagierte Frau steht als Trainerin in der Cheerleading-Trainingshalle und strahlt vor Stolz. Sie trägt ein motivierendes T-Shirt von WE•TRST, das ihren Glauben an Zusammenarbeit und Vertrauen widerspiegelt.


Lara Vincenz

Lara Vincenz, dedicated coach of the FCSG cheerleaders, drives her team to perform at their best with heart and passion. She inspires her cheerleaders to grow beyond their limits and shine as a team. Lara recognizes that success takes time and encourages constant improvement.

Discipline, perseverance and teamwork are the keys to success in cheerleading. Lara creates an environment in which each member can develop their potential in the process and the team pursues a common goal: to inspire fans and cheer on their team.

Lara is 172 cm and wears size XS


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Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen mit einem WE•TRST-Shirt Modell.
Zwei Models stehen mit dem MID•NIGHT T-Shirt modell


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Ein junger Mann mit WE•TRST-T-Shirt steht stolz in seinem Tattoo-Studio.

Tattoo artist

Simone De Santis

Simone De Santis, a creative tattoo artist, brings the process of self-expression to life through his impressive tattoos. Simone is not only a tattoo artist, but also a storyteller. With every stroke, shadow and hue he tells a unique story of personality and self-expression.

For Simone, the path to the perfect tattoo is a process that requires precision, creativity and trust. He works closely with his clients, carefully planning every detail and bringing their visions to life in tattoos that last a lifetime.

Simone is 178 cm and wears size XL

Ein junger Mann sitzt mit WE•TRST-Shirt vor seinem Schlagzeug.


Roberto Carella

Roberto Carella, rhythmic virtuoso, embodies musical evolution with his thrilling drum sounds. With precision and timing, he delights his audience and inspires other musicians. Roberto sees success as a drummer as a constant process of dedication and striving for perfection.

He practices tirelessly to hone his skills, learn new techniques and develop his own style. As a multiple Swiss drumming champion, his impressive track record confirms his exceptional skills and talent.

Roberto is 188 cm and wears size XL


What process are you in?

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