Exclusivity for our community

We are known for innovative and sustainable fashion and are announcing an exciting new direction for our future collections. The “Inner Circle” strategy aims to show special appreciation for our loyal customers who have placed their trust in us.

This is how you become part of the Inner Circle

The path to the Inner Circle of WE•TRST is an exclusive privilege that we offer to our existing customers as a token of our appreciation and recognition. If you are already the proud owner of a certified WE•TRST product, you are automatically qualified for this special access.

  • Become part of WE•TRST: Since our collections are always very exclusive, as a loyal customer of WE•TRST you automatically join the Inner Circle. – We’ll take care of everything else.

  • Access via email: Your entry gate into the Inner Circle is designed to be as simple and uncomplicated as possible. We will send you a personal invitation by email. This email will contain all the necessary information and instructions you need.

  • Personal access code: You will find a personal access code in your invitation email. With this code you not only get first access to our latest styles, but also experience a tailor-made shopping experience.

  • Early access to new collections: Your access code allows you to explore our latest collections and select your favorite pieces before they are made publicly available. This is how we guarantee that our most loyal customers are always the first to experience our latest creations.

  • Earlier access for frequent shoppers: As a special thank you to our most loyal customers who have purchased more from us, we are sending the access code earlier. The more you shop at WE•TRST, the sooner you get access to our exclusive collections. This is our way of recognizing your loyalty and support.