Repairing clothes made easy.

Life happens. It sometimes happens that your favorite hoodie from WE•TRST gets damaged during everyday or daring actions. But that's not a bad thing because we'll fix it (if we can).

Drei schwarze Hoodies von WE•TRST an einem Kleiderständer. Darunter befinden sich drei braune Verpackungsschachteln.

Why should you get your clothes repaired?

  • Wearing it for longer saves resources and protects the environment. 🌍
  • Your purchase will last longer and save you further expenses. 👛
  • You are counteracting the fast fashion industry. 🐌

How does the repair work?

Think about the following beforehand:

  • Can I still repair my clothes?
  • Maybe I can even do it myself? YouTube can help you with that.
  • Do you need professional support?
  • Is there a local business near you that can help you?

No? Then we will be happy to help you. Please read our instructions carefully and follow them.

Please send us the following information to :

  • Contact details (your full name & address plus telephone number)
  • Item details (product type, color, size)
  • Description and indication of where the damaged/defective area is located
  • A photo that clearly shows the damaged/defective area
  • A copy of the purchase confirmation or invoice (if you still have it)

Once we have received the information listed above, we will discuss your claim with our experts. They are looking for the best possible solution for you. We can't promise what this will look like yet.

You will definitely hear from us. If we can help you, we will send you the necessary documents to complete the repair. Only send us your product once you have received a response from us.

Attention: The information provided is mandatory in order to be able to process repairs and returns.

If the item is repairable, please send it to us. Make sure the item is clean and washed. Dirty items will not be accepted.

If it turns out that your item can no longer be repaired, we will offer you an alternative solution.

Das Bild zeigt das RECOVER-Label von WE•TRST, das in der Nähe einer beschädigten Kleidung platziert ist. Das Label zeigt das Markenlogo und den Namen des Reparaturprogramms. Es erklärt, dass das Programm dafür verantwortlich ist, Kleidung zu reparieren, um eine nachhaltigere und langlebigere Garderobe zu schaffen.

We want our products to keep up with you. No matter what you do. And if it's too intense, there's RECOVER . So that you can rely on our products for even longer.