WE•TRST: Your brand, your style, your community.

You've come to the right place if you're a fashion lover who also cares about our planet. Our mission? To offer you styles that are just as unique and connect us. We don't just talk about trends, we set them - and always with sustainability in mind. We stand for fashion that tells a story. Let's show together that cool looks and responsibility can go hand in hand.

The clothes that suit you are comfortable and trendy at the same time.

There is no U in WE - In a world where we are becoming more and more aware of our impact on the environment, it is important that we also act responsibly when choosing our clothing. WE•TRST therefore attaches particular importance to the production of high-quality clothing that not only looks stylish, but is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. #flex

  • Icon mit einem Blatt und einem kleinen Herzen drauf, das für nachhaltige Produktion steht.


    We rely exclusively on sustainable materials.

  • Icon mit einer Landschaft, Bergen und Bäumen, das für Umweltfreundlich steht.

    Environmentally friendly

    The production is environmentally friendly

  • Icon mit einem Preisschild, das ein Herz drauf hat. Es steht für Faire Arbeitsbedingungen.

    Fair payment

    The workers are paid fairly for their work.

  • Icon das eine Schere zeigt, die in Material schneidet. Es steht für Handgemacht.

    Hand made

    Each piece is unique and sewn by hand.

Drei glückliche und stolze WE•TRST-Gründer posieren im Lager und tragen ihre eigenen WE•TRST-Hoodies. Sie sind bereit, ihre Produkte der Welt zu präsentieren und setzen sich für Fairness und Nachhaltigkeit ein.

Who is behind WE•TRST?

At WE•TRST there are people with passion and commitment behind the brand. 💪🏼 We are a young and dynamic team of visionaries and doers. Our values ​​are fairness, sustainability and the high quality of our products. 🚀 We are committed to ensuring that clothing, the environment and the people behind it have real value again.

About Us
Die Models stehen stolz und motiviert im Waschraum und präsentieren ihre schwarzen Hoodies von WE•TRST.

Where are our clothes produced?

Fair, sustainable and produced in Europe. We want clothing, the people behind it and the environment to have real value again. 🖤 ​​And look cool of course. 🔥

Zwei Models von WE•TRST sitzen auf einem Fensterbrett in einer alten Fabrikhalle und präsentieren die neuesten Produkte der Marke.

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