Von der Faser zum Fashion-Statement: So produzieren wir!

From fiber to fashion statement: This is how we produce!

It was a journey that not only helped us geographically, but also in our understanding of fair production and sustainability. Our visit to our production facility in Portugal was an eye-opener and a confirmation of what WE•TRST has stood for since the beginning: trust, transparency and responsibility in the fashion industry.

Transparency and the people behind it
One of our core concerns at WE•TRST is to create not only high quality but also ethical products. To achieve this, it is important to us to maintain direct and personal exchanges with our partners. When we arrived in Portugal, we were warmly welcomed by the people who stand behind our products. It was inspiring to see how much passion and dedication goes into every step of production. These encounters have shown us once again that behind every T-shirt we wear are real people with their stories, hopes and dreams.

Review of working conditions
A central point of our trip was checking the working conditions. We are aware that fair working conditions and respectful treatment of employees are fundamental to sustainable production. We were able to see for ourselves on site that our partners keep their promises. The production facilities were bright, clean and well ventilated. Working hours are fairly regulated and there are sufficient breaks. This transparency and care in dealing with employees strengthens our conviction and partnership.

A look into the WE•TRST production facility.

Learnings about the numerous manufacturing steps

Perhaps one of the most enlightening aspects of our trip was the deep dive into the many steps of making a t-shirt . From the selection of materials to the final stitching, the process is far more complex than we imagined. Every step requires precision and expertise. We were particularly impressed by the use of state-of-the-art technology and the care with which each T-shirt is made. This experience gave us an even closer understanding of the importance of each step in the production process and the impact of our decisions on the environment and people.

A seamstress, concentrated while working on the sewing machine.

Our visit to Portugal was more than just a review; It was a learning experience that strengthened our desire to take responsibility and make a positive difference. At WE•TRST we are proud to work with partners who share and live our values. Together we are committed to a fashion industry in which transparency, fairness and sustainability are not empty promises, but lived reality.

We are already looking forward to the next visit!

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