WE•TRST im Spotlight: Unser Feature in der IFJ-Gründungsstory!

WE•TRST in the spotlight: Our feature in the IFJ founding story!

Big news: We were portrayed by the IFJ! This is not only a huge honor for us, but also confirmation that we are on the right track with our mission. The cover story, which is entirely dedicated to our journey, made us extremely proud.

In an exciting interview with the IFJ (Institute for Young Companies) we had the opportunity to share our experiences as founders and give our best tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. From coming up with ideas to implementing our sustainable fashion philosophy – we put everything openly on the table. To the magazine…

The story behind WE•TRST is one of friendship, trust and belief in fair fashion. It was really exciting to reflect on our beginnings and see how far we have come.

But not only that! The interview gave us the chance to share our vision with an even broader audience. We are convinced that our message of sustainable, fairly produced fashion and our unique brand feeling will now reach even more people.

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to our mission to change the world of fashion becoming even more widely known. This article is a milestone for us and we can't wait to share more moments like this with you.

So, stick with it, wear your convictions with pride and remember: Together, we trust the process!
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