Selbstgemacht: WE•TRST

Homemade: WE•TRST

Have you ever wondered who is behind the cool photos, stylish designs and inspiring posts you see on our social media platforms and website? Spoiler alert: it's us! 🌟

DIY or die

In the age of digital nomads and the gig economy, it's easy to outsource tasks. Do you need a graphic designer? There's an app for that. Do you need someone to optimize SEO? There are hundreds of freelancers out there. But at WE•TRST we do everything ourselves. Yes, you heard that right. From the first sketches to the last click – everything comes from a single source. Why? Because no one understands and can implement our vision as well as we can. 💯

Why it's a challenge

Now you might be thinking, "That sounds easy. All you have to do is take a few photos and write a few lines." Uh, no. The process of maintaining our brand at the current level is a mammoth task, and we are serious about it.

Imagine juggling five balls at once while standing on one leg and trying to make a TikTok video. Yes, it feels similar. And that’s in addition to what we already do: developing our products, communicating with customers, doing the accounting – the list goes on.

But we love it

Not only are we proud of what we do; we are also proud of how we do it. We are a team of creatives who work not only to create products, but also content that inspires and entertains you.

We could actually pat ourselves on the back (and we do from time to time), but the truth is that this way of working allows us to be flexible and authentic. We are not just a brand; we are a community. And that's what we, and as we know you, want. Authenticity.

See you next time,
Your WE•TRST team 🚀

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