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The preparation is underway: a challenge with many joys

As a fashion label, we at WE•TRST are always thrilled when the new collection is finally here. The anticipation of the new designs, materials and colors is indescribable. But before that happens, we have to invest a lot of work in planning and preparing the collection. Today we would like to provide insight into the preparation process and talk about how global events can impact our supply chain.

Preparations begin months in advance as we think about the themes and trends that will be relevant (and what we're up for) in the coming season. – It is important to us to maintain our own style and still remain innovative and exciting. – After we have decided on the theme, the real work begins: the creation of new designs.

How is the design created?

WE•TRST's design team, mainly consisting of Arina , has a very clear process to develop the best ideas and designs for our collection. We start with mood boards, sketches and material samples to get a feel for what works best for the collection. Then it's about creating prototypes that are tested and improved in many fittings. In the end we have a collection that represents our creative team and our style.

Expect the unexpected

But even if we have the best design, it is important that we can produce it in the right quality and quantity. This is where global events come into play. We have learned in recent years that we always have to have flexible planning. Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the tense situation in France or the Ukraine war have shown that there can be unforeseeable problems in the supply chain. Many factories had to close or had difficulty obtaining raw materials and supplies. This means that at WE•TRST we have sometimes had to find alternative sources and adjust our plans. But we have always found a way to maintain production of our collection.

We also learned that it is important to face these challenges with humor. It's easy to get stressed and bury your head in the sand when something goes wrong. But when we at WE•TRST take a step back and look at the situation from a different perspective, we often find solutions and new ways to solve problems. Sometimes that means we take a break from production and focus on marketing and sales. Or we use the time to prepare for the next collection and develop new ideas.


Overall, preparing our collections is always a challenge, but also a source of great joy. We love bringing our designs to life and delighting you and all our customers. At the same time, we have learned that flexible planning and a positive attitude can help us overcome even difficult situations. At the end we would like to reveal a little secret (if everything goes according to plan): June!

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